Cassandra Newcomer

Software Engineer

I am an engineer based in NYC. I'm currently a Computer Science student at Queens College, where I can usually be found practicing my programming skills and/or building projects ranging all across the software-hardware technological spectrum. When I'm not in class or rummaging through several layers of abstraction in an IDE, I like to read hard science fiction, philosophy, and anything that might help me improve my understanding of the world and all the complex systems that lie within it.


HTML5/CSS3, React, React-Router

Study for the Ham radio exams.

Unit Circle

HTML5/CSS3, p5.js, HTML5 Canvas

The relation between wave and circle.

Random Quote Machine

HTML5/CSS3, React, Twitter Web Intents

Displays tweetable quotes.

Galactic Translator (Star Trek)

HTML5/CSS3, Javascript, React

Wiki markdown previewer. Typographical support for multiple species.

Friction Block

HTML5/CSS3, p5.js, HTML5 Canvas

Interactive static/kinetic friction visualization.

Weather Report

HTML5/CSS3, Javascript, jQuery

View the weather for your location.